COVID-19, Floyd Riots Send Anti-Trump Fake News into Hyperdrive

The mainstream media are often far from a trustworthy guardian of the public's well-being.  The Yellow Press published in 1898 the largely discredited proposition that Spain sabotaged and sank the USS Maine, an accusation that incited the Spanish-American War.  Recent events show that fake news, not from "Russian troll farms," but rather from domestic media sources and also the Democratic Party's nominee for president, is being used to influence the 2020 presidential election.  Here is a list of the misrepresentations, if not flat-out lies, that the media and the Democratic Party's nominee have told about Donald Trump during the past two months. Various media sources said or implied that Trump suggested that people drink or inject themselves with disinfectants such as bleach and Lysol to cure the coronavirus.  Joe Biden supported this misleading narrative.  Trump asked, and the implication was clearly that...(Read Full Article)
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