By Destroying History, Liberals Make an Example of Themselves

The current mania for pulling down statues of so-called morally corrupt historical figures is a classic case of presentism: "reading modern notions of morality" onto the past.  It seems that those driven to do so may be honestly trying to rectify the "sins" of the past — whether it be colonial conquest, slavery, genocide, or whatever else.  How corrupt were these historical figures?  Were they indeed much more reprehensible than anyone in the present day?  What did these people actually think in the awful before times when our Western European ancestors discovered the "New World" and practiced conquest and slavery?  We are not able to read their minds — only to speculate upon their intent by examining historical documents: the writings, recollections, and stories of those who experienced those days.  Indeed, how many of these activists so intent on destroying these representations of...(Read Full Article)
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