America’s New Caste System?

Some have correctly pointed out that the nationwide urban unrest largely stoked and pursued by the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is much more about class warfare than racism.  Beyond making this observation, it’s important to understand how this is the case.  What we may be witnessing is an atavistic return to a pre-Enlightenment class dominated social structure, which resembles nothing so much as India’s historical caste system.   This comparison seems odd, but it’s strangely apt.  Black Americans are being elevated by the media, business and political elites to the country’s virtuous class, based upon a narrative of suffering due to historical and current abuses.  This process has been ongoing for a long time, but has picked up great momentum in the wake of George Floyd’s killing.  The evidence of this is multifaceted.  Many aspects of black culture have been wildly popular among Americans in general...(Read Full Article)
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