America's Nest in the Gale

Dr. Margaret Mead, the distinguished American anthropologist, once said, "The greatest gift we can give our children is to teach them to nest in the gale." "To nest in the gale" is to build a haven in the midst of a storm, to secure a shelter against the troubles around us, and by doing so, nurture our children to be resilient and brave, to understand adversity and change, and to embrace inevitable fair skies as opportunities to test and spread their wings, to discover themselves, and ultimately to build nests of their own where they can be safe and happy and thrive. This is what America needs now in the whirlwinds of the coronavirus — to learn how to "nest in the gale." Sadly, in the competing interests of our fractured political climate, we have distinctly different visions of the kind of nest we need to build in the gale of COVID-19.  As the Rev. Jeffrey A. Schooley of Marysville, Ohio has said, "this isn't just a...(Read Full Article)
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