America Self-Flagellates to Atone for Phantom Social Injustice

According to the going narrative, the video of George Floyd being strangled while in police custody was a tipping point that exposed a deeply rooted societal issue of racism against black Americans.  This underlying issue apparently becomes manifest as violence by white people, and particularly by the police, who are actively "hunting" black people, as LeBron James suggests.  Floyd's death, we are led to believe, set off a shockwave of mass thievery, violence, and destruction in cities across America, a reaction that many progressive apologists are attempting to justify as "the voice of the unheard" when it comes to addressing racial violence in our society.  Despite the fact that this narrative has become common belief, it requires countless illogical contortions to conclude that it's true.  Let's document how someone must arrive at that conclusion. The first leap of faith requires an assumption that Derek Chauvin...(Read Full Article)
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