A Deliberately Bankrupted America

Why are the cities burning? African Americans have been a part of our history since our nation’s founding -- they fought for independence. They are found on the Supreme Court, in military leadership, as prominent mayors, Members of Congress, academics, authors, cabinet secretaries, ambassadors, police chiefs, surgeons, business owners, entertainers, athletes, astronauts, and CEOs. A 75% white America even voted twice to choose an African American leader. If so much progress has been made, why are the nation’s cities -- some led by African American mayors, with a diverse police force often led by non-white police chiefs -- burning? Could this be the end result of choices made over time by some of our leaders to bankrupt America and African-Americans economically, morally, educationally, and spiritually? The Free Trade Agreements from ‘94 to ‘01, with NAFTA, and then with China, bankrupted the nation economically. The ‘sucking sound’ of...(Read Full Article)
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