2020 and the Spirit of Dunkirk

These are the times that try the souls of Americans. Those that stand by the country deserve the love and thanks of their fellow citizens. Difficulties are not easily conquered. The scene is depressing with two factors: the continuation, if some mitigation, of the pandemic, and the violent protests over the murder of a 46-year-old African-American man by a police officer in Minneapolis.  The fight against the virus has been a collective national effort, with medical staff, doctors, nurses, going far beyond their normal duties, and a considerable part of the U.S. population helping in mutual aid and abiding with the official advice of social distancing. But the death of George Floyd has caused divisions, not unexpected, if more acute and violent than envisaged. The U.S. is politically and culturally a federal system, a divided nation with people of widely different background, socially, financially, and geographically uneven and disproportionate.  The murder of the black...(Read Full Article)
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