What Medicine Is Learning from the COVID-19 Pandemic

With every great health care challenge, there is knowledge to be gained.  We are only months into this pandemic, and we have been forced to recognize once again how humbling it is to try to fight nature.  We have managed to dampen the lethal potential of viruses, primarily through vaccines, only in the past few lifetimes.  Great scourges of the past such as smallpox and polio have been reduced to only a historical footnote.  Yet we are shut down.  The Spanish Flu of 1918 prompted some of the greatest medical advances in human history.  It was associated with the advent of bacteriology, virology, and the nascent field of antibiotic pharmacology.  We think we have learned so much since then, but viruses are a dispassionate teacher, reminding us of how much we still do not know. We believe we have learned several things from this particular iteration of viral illness and the treatment options we have provided: 1....(Read Full Article)
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