They Killed Everything Beautiful

  Though neither of us is an artist or musician, my wife and I have been close to the music and arts community in central Massachusetts for more than 40 years, as volunteers, through recording locally-performed classical music concerts and broadcasting them on the local community radio station. As volunteers we also support the local Massachusetts Symphony Orchestra in many different ways, so we are fully aware of the enormous behind-the-scenes preparation - and time - and money - needed to put on a good show. On March 17, 2020 (St. Patrick's Day), this all stopped. Full. Dead. Stop. At first the various events managers postponed their concerts and shows, assuming this was just a temporary delay. But after two or three weeks it became obvious that the bureaucrats were going to push this overwrought quarantine into overdrive, and they began cancelling. Overseas orchestras and soloists cancelled their tours because they couldn't fly into the U.S. Music...(Read Full Article)
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