The United States and the World Trade Organization

The most urgent problem today is the international fight against the pandemic, Covid-19 and the search for a vaccine to overcome the deadly virus, and for funds to develop its manufacture.  The issue has become controversial because of the delay by China in not informing the world of the outbreak of the virus, and the role of the World Health Organization, WHO, in helping China conceal information about the existence and threat of the pandemic.    The WHO is supposedly a non-political body whose mission is to coordinate international efforts against epidemics and provide guidance for health care. But the question has arisen of whether it has been corrupted by China’s political influence. In view of this, the Trump Administration is calling for reform, and for reduction of the U.S. funding of the organization. A less dramatic issue, but one causing similar dissatisfaction as an international body possibly limiting U.S. sovereignty, concerns the World Trade...(Read Full Article)
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