The Scientism Virus

The perception that science is an “objective and verifiable” approach to knowledge, free of bias and beholden to no philosophy is flawed. That scientists have a firm grip on the physical world is not in dispute. But just what it is they are grasping remains unknown, given the necessity of reducing everything to quantifiable data that must fit the given frame of reference.  Tailoring data to suit a given aim has a nasty way of endowing nonscientific agendas with false “authenticity.” This is how evolution theory becomes evolution fact, how environmentalism turns into “climate change mandate,” how theology becomes an asset of politicians… the list of abuses of science to gain advantage and control is long. It is not that science needs to be put down, but that science not be deified or endowed with an authority it cannot possess, a too common belief among the technocrats and academics of our day. Scientific activity that improves the...(Read Full Article)
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