The Mystery of the Death of Natalie Wood

An old mystery has resurfaced by the presentation on May 4, 2020 of the life and death of the actress Natalie Wood in a documentary produced by her daughter. Some of the facts of Wood's end are known and undisputed.  On the night of her death, November 28–29, 1981, her body was found floating in the shallow surf, dressed in flannel nightgown, jacket, and wool socks, with superficial bruises on her body.  She was found about a mile away from where she had spent the evening in her yacht, The Splendor, off Catalina Island outside Los Angeles, together with three others.  One was her husband, actor Robert Wagner, then 51 years old, to whom she was married twice, 1957–62 and 1972–81.  The others were actor Christopher Walken, a younger man born in 1943, with whom she was co-starring in a film, Brainstorm, completed after her death with a stand-in playing her role, and the young captain of the yacht, a man named...(Read Full Article)
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