The Democratic Party: A Robbery in Progress

I want to report a robbery in progress. Be on the lookout for the governors of California, Illinois, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York.  They are attempting to steal from the federal treasury in order to make up for decades of unfunded liabilities.  Known associates include Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.  They should be considered manipulative and dangerous and likely to stab innocent Americans from behind.  Caution is advised. I only partially jest.  Right now, most Americans think the biggest story in the country is a virus from Wuhan, China that has shut down their places of business and forced their families into house arrest.  That's only part of the story. There's another part being actively gamed out by shady political operatives in the smoke-filled back rooms of every "dark blue" statehouse, city hall, and precinct captain pool hall around the country: how they can turn this...(Read Full Article)
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