Playing the Coronavirus Lottery in 2020

With great fanfare, your state announced a lottery. Oh, they said, this is going to be great.  For just a dollar, you will have a chance at huge prizes.  Million-dollar prizes.  Multi-million-dollar prizes, even.  And for those who don't win the big prize, there will be smaller ones too — a hundred thousand, a few ten thousands — every single week! Oh, and the money goes to such a good cause: the public schools!  Little Johnny and Little Mary can finally get those new encyclopedias, those modern chemistry labs, that Olympic-sized pool for the swim team.  So even if you lose, you feel like a winner, just for participating! Now, obviously, the odds are against winning the big prizes, but what's a dollar per week?  You'd never notice it.  So you got in the habit of buying just one ticket, maybe playing regular numbers every week.  "Hey, somebody's got to...(Read Full Article)
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