Nixon’s Shenanigans vs. Obama’s Shenanigans

As we discover the depths to which the Obama operatives and holdovers went to skewer the Trump campaign/administration from 2016-20, I find myself wondering just what the Nixon operatives were up to, back in the bad old Watergate 1970s. Back in the day the eeevil Republican Richard Nixon thought he needed to spy on the opposition in the run-up to the 1972 election. So he set up a nongovernmental Special Investigations Unit to go a-burgling. Just the day before yesterday the noble Democrat Barack Obama -- or his henchmen -- wanted to spy on the opposition presidential campaign. So they went to their pals at the FBI and Main Justice and the intelligence community and got them to go a-spying. Just yesterday the patriotic Obama holdovers in the Trump administration spent three years trying to trip up President Trump based on fake accusations that we now know -- because said holdovers didn’t want to risk lying under oath -- that they knew were fake. So why did President...(Read Full Article)
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