Mystery in North Korea

Since September 1987, millions of children, old as well as young, have amused themselves by searching in a series of puzzle books titled Where's Waldo (Wally in England and Charlie in France) to find a young man, wearing a red and white striped shirt, decorated ski hat, and glasses, hidden in the group of people and surroundings in the text.  As the books continue, Waldo becomes smaller and harder to find. Today, millions are looking for clues in the serious game of Where's Kim Jong-un, the 36-year-old supreme leader of North Korea, who has not been seen publicly since April 11, 2020, when he chaired the meeting of the Workers' Party politburo. He was conspicuously absent from the commemoration event at the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, honoring his grandfather Kim Il-sung on April 15, the most important day in the Korean political calendar.  The international community is searching for him, or wondering where he...(Read Full Article)
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