More Reasons to Flee Blue States

For years Americans have been relocating from blue states to red states in search of jobs and affordable housing. The heavy-handed lockdown policies of governors in some blue states will no doubt accelerate this trend. Adding insult to injury is the disproportionately high death rate of COVID-19 patients in some of these states (See Graphs 1, and 2 below, and Table 1 below). In all fairness, many blue states are more urbanized and population density plays a major role in spreading the virus, but this fails to explain why people already infected with coronavirus are dying at a higher rate in many of these states (Graph 2). It also fails to explain how some highly urbanized states like Utah and Florida manage to keep their death rates so much lower than death rates in comparably urbanized states like New York and Connecticut (Tables 2 and 3). When states are sorted in order of deaths per 1,000 cases, an important pattern becomes evident (Table 3): Nursing homes...(Read Full Article)
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