Medicine Will Not Look Back Kindly on COVID-19 Response

Doctors are learning many things from this pandemic.  Unfortunately, a lot of the things that we are learning have little to do with medicine and a lot to do with politics, government bureaucracies, and the media.  While many of us are forced to sit at home, quarantining from the very patients we have pledged to treat, we know that scientific breakthroughs will come as a result of COVID-19.  In most instances, however, answers will come later than they should or could.  And the economic payback for the government over-reaction will overwhelm any benefit accrued by their recommendations. Years of federal bureaucracies spending countless dollars in attempting to prepare us for the next pandemic have demonstrated two things.  One: They are stuck in medieval, dissociated thinking with little respect for the consequences of their actions.  Two: They left us inadequately prepared.  This is the year 2020, and our society...(Read Full Article)
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