Massachusetts Telegraphed Governors' COVID-19 Oppression 70 Years Ago

Governors across the country are imposing harsh, sweeping, and often arbitrary statewide edicts on the basis of a COVID-19 emergency.  But where did governors get these powers?  Were they legitimately created by state legislatures, or are the governors (and local authorities) just dreaming them up as they go along? Over a decade ago in Massachusetts, our pro-family group MassResistance played a big part in limiting the governor's "legal" powers during a pandemic.  That successful effort applies to today's situation.  And it makes Governor Charlie Baker's power-grab even more disturbing.  But this story actually began several decades earlier. The Massachusetts Civil Defense Act of 1950 On August 29, 1949, the USSR successfully detonated its first atomic bomb.  Cold War panic ignited across America.  There were fears of a Soviet invasion of the United States.  The following year,...(Read Full Article)
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