Lawrence of Arabia and Jews

Eighty-five years ago on May 19, 1935, Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence died as a result of a motorcycle accident in Dorset. So did Lawrence of Arabia, John Hume Ross, and T.E. Shaw, different names he adopted at various points in his short career. Born in North Wales, out of wedlock, of a landowner father, and a governess  mother, Lawrence is an enigmatic figure. He is the author of The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, published in 1926, a mainly autobiographical account of his experience during the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire in 1916-1918. He has been the subject of many books, articles, and plays, but an important part of his career, his concern for the aspirations of Zionism, is little known or remembered.    Lawrence  is best known as the featured adventurer in three films, of which the most popular is the four-hour spectacle, Lawrence of Arabia, directed in 1962 by David Lean and starring Peter O’Toole, a handsome blond actor, of...(Read Full Article)
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