January 5, 2017: A Day that Should Live in Infamy

This week saw two major legal developments: The government withdrew its prosecution of General Michael Flynn and the transcripts of the 2017-2018 secret basement depositions by the House Committee on Intelligence were finally made public. Altogether they show a scandalous miscarriage of justice and media malpractice, which continues to this day, instigated by Barack Obama. 1.  The Flynn Case This week the Department of Justice announced that it was withdrawing its prosecution case against General Flynn. Former President Obama leaked his talking points to the ever-compliant press flacks and former officials, claiming that there was no precedent for such a dismissal, a claim that was false, to which he added another falsehood -- that Flynn had been charged with perjury. Having the new script in hand, this nonsense was repeated ad nauseam on TV, some press, and the new media. Law Professor Jonathan Turley swatted it back. (I urge you to clip and save this because...(Read Full Article)
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