Islam's False Claim to Democracy

The Islamic Republic of Iran held parliamentary elections a couple of months ago, and the second round will be held on 11 September 2020.  The Iranian regime is desperate to secure a smooth election in the fall, like the legislative one in Egypt scheduled for this November.  In Muslim states that hold elections, it would seem that Islam has incorporated a democratic body politic.  This is a definitely a ploy of the mainstream media and Islamists, such as House representative Ilhan Omar and the Islamic feminist Linda Sarsour.  After all, Muslims sustain "it was, in fact, the Prophet Mohammed who established the first known [democratic] constitution in the world — the Medina Charter — and that his life and the principles [were] outlined in his constitution." They maintain that the Medina Charter, traditionally delineated by the Prophet Muhammad in 622 A.D., was the first ever constitution to...(Read Full Article)
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