Human Problems Demand Human Solutions, Not Socialist Ones

In the fight against the coronavirus, most governments, including some state governments in the U.S., have enacted the Chinese lockdown model for industry. The plan shuts down all “nonessential” activities, lays off workers and expands government benefits and control of society. These massive one-size-fits-all programs deliver predictably inhuman and inflexible results, typical of communist governments. The problem is that the coronavirus crisis is a human problem. Human problems demand human solutions. Treating human problems in a global, mechanized way treats people like mass-produced goods. It destroys those organic solutions that arise when people employ the original and proportional means that are part of their human nature. Governments need to work with nature, not against it. The Chinese model is an example of how not to deal with a crisis. The German Model of Lockdown Consider the German model of industrial lockdown. Germany faced the coronavirus crisis,...(Read Full Article)
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