How and Why Muslims Delude Themselves about Islam

Egypt's leading Muslim cleric and sheikh, Dr. Ahmed al-Tayeb — also known as Pope Francis's "wolf in sheep's clothing" — recently asserted a demonstrable falsehood.  On April 30, 2020, during his televised program that appears every year around Ramadan and is watched by millions in Egypt and the Arab world, the grand imam of the Islamic world's most prestigious university, Al Azhar, declared that "Islam doesn't seek war or bloodshed, and Muslims only fight back to defend themselves." This is a reaffirmation of the grand conclusion reached at — and therefore making a mockery of — a recent mega-conference dedicated to finding solutions to "extremism."  Hosted in Egypt by Al Azhar, and attended by leading representatives from 46 Muslim nations, al-Tayeb capped off the two-day conference by declaring: Jihad in Islam is not synonymous with fighting; rather, the fighting practiced by...(Read Full Article)
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