America at the Crossroad on Memorial Day 2020

The past three months have been a period of extreme trial and tribulation for the people of United States.  They are struggling to regain a sense of optimism and confidence in the face of what now appears to have been an unnecessary Wuhan Virus pandemic lockdown and the resultant dictatorial and unconstitutional behavior of many state and local politicians.    Further, the citizenry is becoming increasingly aware of the Democrat party hierarchy’s illegal and unconstitutional utilization of the power of government to spy on and potentially depose a duly elected President.   Despite this exposure, this same cabal has unabashedly and deliberately exploited and prolonged the coronavirus crisis in an attempt to fundamentally transform the nation, defeat President Trump in November, and establish a permanent ruling class oligarchy.   Nonetheless, far too many Americans are still obsequiously deferential to those whose only interest is...(Read Full Article)
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