This Isn’t the Pandemic You’re Looking For

While public officials continue to be browbeaten by public cries to “shut everything down,” driven by a relentless media in hyperdrive to cover every step of this “COVID-19 crisis,” more and more Americans are waking up to the notion that the current “crisis” might not quite fit current facts. Part of the skepticism derives from the fact that national policy and practice seems to have taken the Tesla Roadster approach of 0-60 in 1.9 seconds. February 29th: President Trump called his first press conference regarding COVID-19. Here, Anthony Fauci said, “the country as a whole still remains at a low risk but this remains an evolving situation” while saying that fewer than 20% of those infected would need hospitalization and that most severe cases would be seen in older individuals and those with underlying conditions. March 15th: as the CDC was issuing their guidelines including social distancing and avoiding gatherings of 50...(Read Full Article)
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