The Vatican Slant Towards Communist China

While the entire West has publicly voiced its disapproval of how China hid information about the spread of the coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, as well as its suppression of its own doctors for “rumors and trying to spread panic,” there has been one world leader who has thus far remained silent: Pope Francis.  The Vatican’s present stance towards China has in fact been a favorable one. Francis had previously praised China’s “great commitment” to contain the coronavirus outbreak -- evidence shows now that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) did the opposite -- and said he was praying for the dead, the sick, and families of victims. On April 9 the Holy See publicly thanked China for its generosity for its donation of medical supplies to the Vatican Pharmacy as the coronavirus has overwhelmed the Italian peninsula.  Matteo Bruni, director of the Vatican press office, said that the donations are “an expression of the solidarity...(Read Full Article)
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