The Struggle for Democracy in Hong Kong Continues

While the People’s Republic of China has become the universal thug for its coronavirus cover-up, one would think, after certain countries threatened lawsuits against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), or under the pressure under the soft law by the international community, that the Xi Jinping regime would have learned a lesson.  It seems, however, that the CCP is only exercising more muscle than anticipated. Last weekend, the Hong Kong police arrested 15 more veterans of the uphill battle to preserve the freedoms that make the city autonomous.  Those detained included the revered legal luminaries Margaret Ng, 72 years old, the crusading publisher Jimmy Lai, who is 71 and Martin Lee, 81 -- Lee is a Hong Kong politician and the founding chairman of the United Democrats of Hong Kong and its successor, the Democratic Party, Hong Kong’s flagship pro-democracy party. Hong Kong is a special autonomous administrative region of China, located to the east...(Read Full Article)
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