The Inevitable Conflict When Schools Reopen

Many students across the world have been receiving an education online in recent weeks for the very first time.  They are gaining new experiences with their families, along with new experiences with their neighborhood peers, and hopefully reading books to further their own independent education.  Many students have always done this, and many more are now discovering it for the very first time.  But when students return to their brick-and-mortar schools which they previously attended, student-to-teacher conflict will inevitably rise.  Upon return, students may see many of their teachers as lazy or unprofessional, now that many students personally and individually know that factual content is widely available on the internet and said information may not be widely shared, nor allowed within brick-and-mortar school settings.  The restrictions that are placed on students within school settings may continue to hinder their learning, and without pushback, students...(Read Full Article)
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