The Coronavirus vs. Hollywood Liberals

According to data compiled by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH), there have been 3,352 laboratory-confirmed cases and 65 deaths from COVID-19 virus in Los Angeles County since late February 2020.  This equates to a 1.9 percent mortality rate out of all cases or 6.5 deaths out of every 1 million persons in the county or 335 cases (not deaths) per 1 million persons. Public health data has been sorted in the data tables below by the highest, lowest and moderate rate of cases, not by deaths.  Location The highest rates of COVID-19 cases are located in Democrat West Los Angeles and Hollywood communities (103 to 201 cases per 100,000) compared to Republican suburbs in East LA County with the lowest case rate (0 to 17 cases per 100,000).  A moderate level of rate of cases is located in Democrat Central Los Angeles in lower-income communities (15 to 34 cases per 100,000).  Age The typical age for contracting the virus ranges from...(Read Full Article)
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