My Long Goodbye to S. Fred Singer

The first time I laid eyes on climate science pioneer Fred Singer was in a scenic elevator at the Marriot Marquis in NYC, in March of 2008.  The hotel was hosting the premiere International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC), and I was there to cover the event for American Thinker.  Dr. Singer was there not only to dazzle the crowd of noted skeptical climate scientists, economists and policy experts from around the world, but also to launch his new Non-IPCC report, a rebuttal to the agenda-driven propaganda of the then recent IPCC Fourth Assessment (AR4). We had exchanged a few emails prior to this chance encounter, but most were quick fact-checks or update-requests relating to article research.  So I was more than a bit surprised when this science legend gave my press-badge the once-over, then smiled and said, “So you’re Marc from American Thinker… nice to finally meet you, Marc.” My struggle for a warm-yet-clever response lasted all of two...(Read Full Article)
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