Joe, Bernie, and the Hard Left

What’s the price of a good socialist these days? A wilted rose, dog-eared copy of Das Kapital, and a glass of Château Margaux 1848? Or is it just a dais and eleven and a half minutes of speaking time at a major party’s televised debate? Senator Bernie Sanders has endorsed former vice president Joe Biden, effectively bringing a close to the Democratic presidential primary, nine months, roughly thirty candidates, and one billion heaping dollars later. “Today, I am asking all Americans -- I'm asking every Democrat; I’m asking every independent; I’m asking a lot of Republicans -- to come together in this campaign to support your candidacy,” Bernie announced on a livestream with his ci-devant rival for the nomination. Bernie sounded a bipartisan, conciliatory tone, but, in actuality, he was speaking to his own supporters, whose contumacious Guevaraism may cause them to sit out in November.  That Bernie deigned to endorse Biden...(Read Full Article)
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