Imagining Post-Coronavirus America

Post-virus America can be a decentralized, more accountable country in school, business, and government. My parents' generation, that of the War of 1939–45, looked forward to the peace with wistful ballads like "When They Sound the Last All Clear" and "When the Lights Come On Again."  I doubt if our time will hear "When I Go Back to the Office Again" or "When We Go Back to School Again."  After all, home confinement doesn't match spending nights in crowded basements or Tube stations during Luftwaffe bombings.  Nevertheless, the Coronavirus Crisis is likened to a war, and many relate to Thomas Paine's words, "These are times that try men's souls."  Paine's pamphlet, "The Crisis," appeared two days before Christmas 1776, the low point of the American Revolution. The day after Christmas, though, Washington led the Continental Army in his surprise attack on...(Read Full Article)
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