Hydroxychloroquine: A New Low for the Liberal Media

As might be expected, Pres. Trump’s audacity in speaking out in support of the hydroxychloroquine treatment for coronavirus was more than enough to set off his critics among the liberal Democrats and liberal media  Trump’s hopeful remarks were made only days ago but, since then, the American left, especially the media, has engaged in a rabid campaign against hydroxychloroquine even though they have no real basis for such a reaction.  That is, the drug’s medical efficacy -- which many physicians all over the world have been endorsing because of safe use -- is clearly an issue beyond the technical competence of the mainstream media establishment.  This suggests an ulterior motive.  What could it be?  The possibilities:  (1) Maybe the liberal mainstream media is honorably motivated, for once.  Perhaps they sincerely believe – though without apparent justification -- that the drug is too dangerous and would do more harm than...(Read Full Article)
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