Hospitals: Managed or Mismanaged?

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed many issues that American society will need to address if we are to avoid, as Karl Marx stated, repeating history "…first as tragedy, then as farce." Unfortunately, in this regard, people don’t seem to have a good track record. The practice of medicine has undergone substantial changes over the past two centuries. Originally jacks of all trades, physicians began to restrict their practice by creating medical and surgical specialties.  From practicing as individuals, they morphed into single and then multi-specialty physician groups.  More recently they’ve become employees of hospitals.  Similarly, hospitals, once independent entities, merged to become multi-hospital systems, commonly expanding beyond the hospital confines, and even offering medical insurance, thereby becoming medical conglomerates. The role of a physician, with the assistance of other medical personnel, is to care for the sick,...(Read Full Article)
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