Do Medical Masks Work?

We are told that, on the one hand, heads should roll for not providing health-care workers with enough masks to save their lives, and on the other, that masks will not aid us the people in trying to survive the virus. We smell a rat. Further, the frail elderly among us have grown sceptical of the words of professional bureaucrats and politicians -- we would rather know the raw facts and live or die based on our own judgement. It’s all a bit life and death. So, here are the facts. They do not rely on an elevated position in a bureaucracy but rather on fifty years hands-on experience with fluid dynamics and particle dynamics. The virus is a respiratory virus, meaning that it attacks the respiratory system and finds new hosts by the process of exhalation. The human skin is a desert of dead cells and, although it produces most of household dust by shedding, it is mute of malice in spreading the virus. The virus makes its living by getting from an infected respiratory tract to an...(Read Full Article)
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