COVID-19 Completes Liberal Takeover of Southern Baptist Convention

Crisis and upheaval have brought out the best in some (think of Ulysses Grant) and the worst in others (think of Vidkun Quisling).  This holds true of Christian churches and the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).  In previous columns, my colleagues and I have raised red flags about the SBC, including corruption and leftward drift.  One sees this in executive leadership (see this about president J.D. Greear), in missions (see here and here), in the management of seminaries (see here), in the workings of the SBC's publishing company (see here and here), in its political advocacy (see here), in its gatherings (see here), and in funding ties (see here, here, and here). Some problems can be framed as left versus right (cultural Marxism creeping into the denomination's entities).  Some are not ideological, but rather symptoms of garden-variety Good Old Boy corruption. We had a swampy SBC that was bad enough by March 1,...(Read Full Article)
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