Cooperation vs. Coercion: The Coming Cultural Conflict

On March 16th, President Trump unveiled coronavirus task force’s guidelines to help slow the spread of the disease. The original 15 days became an additional 30 days by the end of March. The guidelines suggested that people stay home if they’re sick, keep their kids home if they get sick, keep everyone in the household home if one person tests positive, and called on the elderly and unhealthy to be especially careful. These guidelines didn’t require businesses to shut down and order citizens to shelter-in-place. Before the guidelines came out, people were already voluntarily taking action. The NBA suspended its season on March 11th, the NHL followed suit on March 12th, and the NCAA canceled its basketball tournament on March 13th. Other large gatherings quickly followed this trend and cancelled. No government action or order was required, as people responded to the situation in a thoughtful and responsible way. Soon state governments got involved. Instead of...(Read Full Article)
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