How the World is Beating COVID-19

While the nations of the world are coping with the pandemic COVID-19, the widespread debate about the origin and reasons for the spread of the virus continue. Unfortunately, the predictions, motivations, fears, and preoccupations of individuals, and the models used for explanation,  fall short of what would be desirable. Noticeably, three factors are evident. One is the lack of accuracy of information. Dr. Anthony Fauci has expressed doubts about the low level of COVID-19 cases and deaths reported by China, even after it “revised” and increased its death toll numbers by 50 per cent. A second factor is that some peoples and nations are better equipped to deal with the formidable challenges than others. The third major factor is the acute disagreement on coping with the impact of the virus, not only in medical terms, but also in assessing the severe political and economic consequences.  Medically, there are differences over issues such as the hope that...(Read Full Article)
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