When Will Democrats Cry Uncle?

A couple of weeks ago I predicted correctly that President Trump would reopen the economy midway between the point where the Democrats would blame him for doing it too early and the point where the Democrats would blame him for opening the economy too late. I now realized that the president has gone one better than that, he has actually threaded the needle on opening the economy. He has decreed a road-map and left it up to the governors how to drive the road back to town. The genius of this move, to me, is breathtaking. It really puts the Democratic governors on the spot. The Republican governors in Texas and Florida are already restarting their economies and that makes the Democrat governors out as brutal dictators that don’t care about people like you and me. Imagine: in Massachusetts the politicians and the bureaucrats apparently have time in between interagency coordination meetings to decree one-way sidewalks. Of course, the Republican governors are in charge of...(Read Full Article)
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