When Will Democrats Cry Uncle?

A couple of weeks ago I predicted correctly that President Trump would reopen the economy midway between the point where the Democrats would blame him for doing it too early and the point where the Democrats would blame him for opening the economy too late.

I now realized that the president has gone one better than that, he has actually threaded the needle on opening the economy. He has decreed a road-map and left it up to the governors how to drive the road back to town.

The genius of this move, to me, is breathtaking. It really puts the Democratic governors on the spot. The Republican governors in Texas and Florida are already restarting their economies and that makes the Democrat governors out as brutal dictators that don’t care about people like you and me. Imagine: in Massachusetts the politicians and the bureaucrats apparently have time in between interagency coordination meetings to decree one-way sidewalks.

Of course, the Republican governors are in charge of states with automatic social-distancing devices called “suburbs” and “automobiles.” It is only in yeasty urban environments where people are thrown together into disease-multiplying “apartments” and “mass transit.”

Has it ever occurred to you that “apartments” and “mass transit” are racist? It hadn’t occurred to me, but now I admit the error of my ways. Apartments and mass transit put the oppressed and the marginalized at risk while rich-witch white billionaires hunker down in front of their cavernous $24,000 side-by-side refrigerators crammed to the gills with fancy-pants ice cream.

I know. How could I have been so blind?

Social distancing tip: Next time some wokerati calls you a racist, you reply, “Okay, Wokey, whatabout mass transit?”

I think that the Democrats are going to self-destruct just like they have with almost everything else in the Trump era. The reason is the defective world view of our liberal friends, that is one part woke-ological moral posturing, one part credentialed administrative bossing around, and one part handing out loot to supporters.

But if you are Trump you experience the world as controlled chaos, the chaos of a Trump hotel construction job or the roller-coaster ride of a corporate bankruptcy. You learn, the hard way, how to “win” with instincts built up over years of dealing with crisis. You know that what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow, and you instinctively learn when and how to adjust. Think of him as the Tom Cruise character in Rain Man, only Trump actually does keep one step ahead of the banks and regulators and customers.

But the Democrats? They seem to be rehearsing all their golden oldies. They can’t get shut of their favorite playground insults. One minute Trump was a xenophobe; the next minute he doesn’t care about American lives. Then he is acting like a dictator ordering the states to restart the economy; then he is just giving them guidelines instead of leading from the front. Meanwhile their state bureaucracies are coming up with ludicrous policies and mindless fines to enforce social distancing, with abortion an essential service and church services banned. Then Nancy Pelosi emerges every now and again from checking on the premium ice cream in her side-by-side $24,000 refrigerators to stop extension of the Paycheck Protection Act so she can throw some loot at the left-wing activist community.

And how about Thomas L. Friedman worrying about going back to work without proper bureaucratic procedures in place for coronavirus tracking?

Look, I’m no expert and I can’t tell what’s coming down the road. But I have a gut feeling that when a nation is in a crisis then the natural human instinct is that everybody pitches in and helps the president. As Lee Iacocca said: “lead, follow, or get out of the way.”

In the Trump era, Democrats can’t lead, won’t follow, and insist on getting in the way. I just don’t think that is going to end well.

Here’s another thing I think the Democrats get wrong. It issues from my fundamentally sexist view of the world. When things are going wrong the girl thing to do is to “shelter in place.” The boy thing to do is to “march towards the sound of the guns.”

In my view, President Trump offers both alternatives to the American people. But the Democrats are all “shelter in place.” Or they will arrest you.

I just think that the Democrats really don’t understand the American people. In their world you can be a liberal scold, a credentialed expert, or a helpless victim. Everyone else is a deplorable bigot, because shut up.

I don’t think that gets the American people to thinking you are on their side.

BTW. Federal Debt is up $1.06 trillion since the end of February. What, Me Worry?

Christopher Chantrill @chrischantrill runs the go-to site on US government finances, usgovernmentspending.com. Also get his American Manifesto and his Road to the Middle Class.