Why I Bought AR-15s for My Sons

According to the Washington Post, 91% of Trump coverage by the three broadcast networks, which include ABC, is negative.  When a right-wing lunatic massacred people of Mexican descent at an El Paso Walmart in August 2019, the networks blamed the attack on Trump's "hateful" rhetoric about immigrants. ABC News promptly produced a story to support the mainstream media's narrative that violence by Trump-supporters had reached epidemic proportions.  Twisting itself into a pretzel in an attempt to justify the charge, the network scoured the country for instances where bad apples among the 63 million people who voted for Trump perpetrated violence allegedly inspired by him.  After an exhaustive search, ABC News came up with a grand total of 36 violent crimes where Trump's name was invoked.   Some quick math: 36 bad apples divided by 63 million Trump voters equals 0.0000005.  In other words, ABC...(Read Full Article)
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