The Real Reason Why Such Elderly People Run America

The far-left news chooser Drudge Report recently linked to an article in ultra-progressive Atlantic magazine, "Why Do Such Elderly People Run America?"  The author is an über-prog who appears from his photo to have undergone the popular left-wing cosmetic surgical procedure called smirk-work.  Eliminating any question about his political views, not to mention his rationality, the author identifies climate change as "the most important challenge before the U.S. and the world."  The article attempts to explain why the leading presidential candidates ("[a]ll three white men were born in the 1940s") are so darn old.  The author is perfectly clueless regarding the question he has chosen to address.  Here is the real reason why the leading presidential candidates are in their seventies, why the left wing no longer produces national leaders at all, and why young people like the Atlantic staff writer are...(Read Full Article)
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