The Coronavirus Will Save America

The analysis of engineering or business problems often includes a list of positive and negative aspects of implementing changes.  So too should the analysis of the effects of the coronavirus.  What has been seen so far has been a panoply of negatives, many exaggerated for political fodder or as clickbait in the press's cry for attention.  A sober look at this, however, can lead to a different conclusion.  Will America be stronger, and will other nations take a cue from our success?  The answer is a surprising yes. Imagine what the world will be like when 2022 arrives.  The coronavirus's effects will become so small that they will be lost in the noise of the day, but what will remain of its lessons?  First and foremost is that many lives will have been saved. The hand-washing and sanitation precautions that will be permanently incorporated into American culture will diminish flu deaths in 2020, in 2021,...(Read Full Article)
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