The Canadian Health Care Myth

I recently had the opportunity to listen to two Canadian citizens discuss the Canadian health care system and their personal experiences within it.  They were a very successful, middle-aged couple who had been involved in a motor vehicle accident in the United States while driving to Florida.  The accident in which they were involved was quite serious.  The wife suffered fractured ribs and a fractured sternum.  She also experienced pain in her shoulder, which wasn't initially detected or diagnosed due to the extent of whole-body pain she was in.  She was taken to a nearby hospital. Her husband was more seriously injured.  He was trapped in the vehicle and had to be cut out by emergency personnel.  He was taken by helicopter to one of the premier shock trauma centers in the state, where he remained hospitalized for four days.  A broken leg and a shattered wrist and forearm necessitated surgeries,...(Read Full Article)
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