Surviving the Coronavirus Financial Tsunami

As our family of six continues to weather the Wuhan virus and the local, state, and national shutdown that has ensued, and before D.C. politicians spend another trillion or two that this nation doesn’t have on a “bailout,” the Thomas family would like to make something abundantly clear: we don’t need a China-virus check! This is not because we are wealthy -- at least not by American standards. As I’ve often noted, my main source of income comes from the teaching of mathematics at government schools. That’s right, I’m employed by two government schools: a day school where I’m employed full time and an evening charter high school where I’m employed part time. Like many other states, because of an order by Georgia’s governor, we are now doing school from home until at least the end of March. Both of the schools where I’m employed are participating in school from home. At my day school, this means all teachers are...(Read Full Article)
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