Soros’ Anti-Israel Funding

George Soros seems to have developed a special dislike of the State of Israel. He has rewritten Middle Eastern history to better jibe with his idea of the “poignant and difficult case” of “victims turning perpetrators.” Soros, much like the virulent anti-Semitic graphic daily propaganda in Arab, Palestinian, and Iranian newspapers, has been comparing Israel’s self-defense against repeated attempts of annihilation by Islamist/Arab terrorists to Nazi atrocities. The successful defense against terrorism, especially preemptive actions, is never appropriate in Soros’ book. His history of how Israel fought for its independence could have been written by Noam Chomsky or Yasser Arafat: “After the war [World War II], Jews resorted to terrorism against the British in Palestine to secure a homeland in Israel,” Soros writes in his book, The Bubble of American Supremacy. “Subsequently, after being attacked by Arab...(Read Full Article)
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