Since When Are Viruses Racist?

In the identity politics world of the progressive left, everything is racist. Using the pseudo-concept of intersectionality, all grievance groups overlap, except the groups of white, male, Christian, and heterosexual. The intersectionality of those four groups represents the ultimate in racism and bigotry, the scourge of civilization. In this mindset, it makes perfect sense for inanimate objects to be labeled as racist. For example, a “black hole” is now considered by some to be a racist term. Perhaps we should use “singularity,” since it’s so much easier for the average person to understand. Cold weather, air, dogs, solar eclipses, and farmers markets are also considered racist to the woke progressives. So, it’s no surprise that something so small that it cannot be seen with an ordinary microscope is also said to be racist. I speak of a virus, the “Wuhan virus,” to be specific. Or the “Chinese Coronavirus” to use...(Read Full Article)
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