Russia and the Pandemic

It is more fitting to seek the truth of the matter than to have imaginary conceptions. In the midst of the deepening coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, which so far has caused more than 24,000 deaths, the truth about Russia policies and the intentions of President Vladimir Putin are not easy to fathom.  This is particularly the case as Putin, though exercising virtual dictatorial power, has no apparent categorical or predetermined political positions or ideological outlook, as had leaders of the former Soviet Union.  Rather, he is opportunistic, nationalistic, eager to play an important role in international affairs in what he considers a multipolar world, and above all determined to remain in power. There is no need for Kremlinology to explain Russian behavior, no single key.  Rather, there are fits and starts, short-term goals, at times a pivot to Asia and end to Eurocentric attitudes, conflicting and at times contradictory forces in...(Read Full Article)
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