On Coronavirus and Money Changers

The numbing refrain that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is unilaterally pushing world financial markets to near collapse is growing as tiresome as it is misdirected.  A basic forensic analysis would likely shed telling light on the real reasons for the epic stock market swings of late.  Namely, that the real culprits may very well be the world’s money changers and the processes and systems that they have helped create and perpetuate. The world’s stock markets make up only a part of the global financial system that sports a regular cast of players including commercial banks, investment houses, insurers, central banks, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs like the IMF, World Bank, WTO), hedge funds, private markets, traders, investors, savers, arbitragers, and the like.  Despite the many interrelationships and complexities of the global financial system and all the associated punditry, a simple and sad truth is that the bigger players can and do swing...(Read Full Article)
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